I’ve always loved sequins and sparkly dresses. When I was a little girl, I would wear the most adorable yet ridiculous tutus and sequined costumes to my tap and ballet dance recitals. My mom has a photo collection of the oh so awkward pose before each show…I will most likely not be publicly posting those gems. I love seeing all the new ways to incorporate a bit of sparkle into your everyday, minus that awkward hand-in-the-air-toes-pointed look. I purchased a beautiful sequined blazer for new years that I have been playing around with along with some beautiful vintage clutches (I will soon make a post with some personal favs). In the meantime, here are some of my favorite sparkle inspirations floating around the internet:


::Redefining the casual slouchy t-shirt::

DIY boots

::A pair of casual DIY ankle boots::


::A beautiful bracelet from Anthropologie ::


::A sequined clutch to dress up an outfit for day or night::


::Splash of sparkle to your manicure::

How do you like to make your outfit sparkle?


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